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I started hearing info about “The Road Proposal” that seemed deceptive and needs clarification…

For example;

In “robo calls” you are being told “roads will now come with warranties” so you won’t pay if they don’t last. In fact the road warranty requirement that exists today is to use warranties “where possible” on projects over $1 million. The change to that “requirement” is to use warranties “where possible” on any new project.

That’s quite different than “roads will now come with warranties” when there is actually nothing to require an increase in the incidence of warranties at all.

You are being told there are new monies for schools and they “will be protected” to only be used for schools. The Constitution today requires they only be used for schools and nothing is changed to ensure any protections that are not there today. The only change in the school funding language is to remove its use for higher education and add its availability for junior colleges and trade schools. In fact the protections that are in place today (and after Prop 1) were in place when $200 million of the School Aid Surplus fund was used last month to balance the budget.

You should know that none of the $1.2 billion raised in the sales tax increase is used to repair roads or bridges. NONE. In fact almost $700 million of that new sales tax money is distributed to School Aid, Municipal Revenue Sharing and Funding EITC. And is actually just charging you to return monies appropriated from those funds in the last couple years.

You should know fuel tax on gas will be raised 23 cents a gallon Oct. 1 and can increase each year 5 cents more plus inflation. That means fuel tax can increase over the next four years to 43 cents a gallon plus inflation. Then to 63 cents a gallon by year 8. The Governor says Prop 1 is designed to get roads in the “good to fair” range!

You should know 80 percent of all road funds raised the first year go directly to old road debt. A total of $1.3 billion the first two years goes to old debt, not roads.

You can verify all this info with the Senate and House fiscal Agency Bill Analysis Executive summary reports at :

Turnout at special elections is always low and if this important and very expensive, Proposal to raise your own tax on everything you (and your grandkids) pay, forever, is not something you approve of, you need to vote. It will make the difference. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township

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